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Do you want a Nutrition Education Workshop that is interesting and informative?

The Wellness Pattern’s group education sessions are both entertaining and engaging. We use a variety of delivery modes that suit both adult and child learners. You can expect interactive activities that provide the audience an opportunity to reflect and learn new skills.

Corporate Nutrition & Well Being Programs

A healthy worker is a productive worker
Most of us spend a large portion of our day at work. So if we’re feeling low in energy, it is unlikely that we can perform to our greatest potential. Poor diet and lifestyle habits can contribute to low energy levels and this can be one area that making changes can have a great impact. Workplace wellness programs have been shown to benefit both the organization and their employees.

The following services are examples of how we can assist your organisation:

  • Individual/ or a series of presentations on nutrition and lifestyle topics that interest your employees.
  • Workplace consultations that allow employees one-on-one access to dietetic advice. We can conduct an individual one on one dietetic assessment at your workplace.
  • Corporate Health Programs. Your organization can receive support to implement strategies that target individual goals. We will incorporate pre and post program evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the corporate health intervention.

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